Kaila Jordan

Meet the new Journey clone

Kaila Jordan brings a fresh new direction for the sci-fi series  by addressing diversity and social issues through the story telling process of sci-fi much like the way the original Star Trek series did back in the late 60's.  Many social issues plan to be incorporated into the new season of Journey, starting with the clones themselves as they will have very strong feelings about things like the environment and other popular social issues facing young people today.

Kaila is the first actress playing Journey that has an African- American background and plans on making a name for herself by being a role model for other aspiring African-American actresses to follow in her footsteps.  She has already started accomplishing this by becoming one of the story writers for the series.  She plans on using each of the clones to focus on a particular topic and the power the clones posses to show the way to achieve the desired results.  Kaila also serves as the series Associate Producer and is very involved with the casting of her fellow actors.

This will for sure be the most talked about season for the Journeys ever as they tackle race issues, politics, mental health, global warming among other things.

Journey series 3 will be released on Amazon Video in the US and the UK early to mid 2020.  Audiences world wide will be able to see Journey on Vimeo via a monthly subscription basis.

Addressing Diversity and Social Issues

Taking the sci-fi series in a brand new direction



Imagine the very real possibility of scientist discovering ancient Egyptian DNA and finding it has powers embedded in the DNA.

This is the premise behind the Journeys.  Scientist have come across extraordinary findings from a race that has long since died.  Through trial and error, using living DNA and combining the ancient Egyptian DNA, scientist have re-created  a race of female clones .

This was all done in secret, however the experiment soon got out of control when some of the clones realized they had supernatural powers and started exerting control over the scientist.  The clones possess the same dominating traits as their ancestors with the overwhelming desire to extend their control over anything or anyone who comes into contact with them.


The clones learned quickly how they came to be in this life and soon began calling themselves, The Journeys.  

Knowing that they were a secret experiment, the Journey clones soon killed those that created them . The clones then secretly went out into society and split up from the rest of the clones so that no one would know they were clones.  Over time the Journeys lost contact with one another and forgot about the other clones as they started their own lives. However before the Journeys split up, they became very spiritual people and started worshiping what they called the Journey Goddesses.  They dreamed of a world ruled by Journey clones and began to tell tales of the perfect place where they could live free of man.  They called it, The Kingdom of the Journeys.  The clones even wrote their own set of rules to abide by.  These rules were made into a book called, The Sealed Book of The Journeys.  A sacred text that can only be opened by a clone.  A book with the history and prophecy of the entire Journey clone race.




We're in the process of developing short dramatic stories for release on Amazon Prime



Our first series of shorts for Amazon Prime will be a spin-off from the Hawaiian Sovereignty series, starring Nicole Samra reprising her role as FBI agent Gina Anderson.  

Told from a different point of view the spin-off series focuses on the personal life of Gina Anderson and how she deals with her life as an FBI agent.  Nicole will be portraying the life of a strong woman who has been pushed too far.   Fighting for what she believes in Gina sets out to make things right, the way they should be. She tries to balance work with family, friends and romance when off duty.

We will be releasing more information about the series in the weeks ahead.

Nicole Samra

returns as Gina Anderson in a spin-off from Hawaiian Sovereignty called

Circle of Influence


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